Civil Air Patrol

Joliet Airfest

25 Sep 2016

Five members of Shorty Powers participated in supporting the Joliet Airfest on Sunday Sept 25 at the Joliet airport (KJOT) along with members from other local squadrons including the host squadron Lewis Composite squadron, our neighbor’s to the south. The primary task at hand was directing the multitude of visitors where to park in the various parking areas. We were maintaining essentially 3 lots and they quickly filled up then partially emptied as visitors left the event. Guiding visitors where to find parking was a seemingly never ending task.

The show was reminiscent of our of own Cavalcade of Planes at Clow Intl Airport (1C5). There were plenty of aircraft on hand including two WW2 TBM dive bombers. The local airport was also providing introductory rides and the lines were long for that. CAP also assisted in a “lost child” who had wandered away. CAP also had a recruiting booth to answer questions for all who were interested in learning more about Civil Air Patrol.

There was also a large Auto Show with hundreds of cars. This added to the draw of spectators which lead to full parking lots.

Early afternoon brought a brief downpour of rain that both wetted down CAP members and thinned out the crowds considerably.

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