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Updates to the website have been completed but there are still a few problems. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Maj Danley


The Civil Air Patrol is an all volunteer organization which conducts numerous activities in emergency services, our cadet program and in aerospace education. On this website you will discover how our squadron participates in those activities. Feel free to browse and learn about the squadron and about the organization. If you have any questions, you may contact any of our command staff to learn more about us and how you can participate. Please feel free to visit us on our meeting nights. See our Contact Us page for directions and times. And please send us an email and let us know you’re…

Fifty Years in CAP

Shorty Powers has a lot to be proud of. We have 5 members with 50 or more years of service to Civil Air Patrol. Maj Allen Gerhard – 9 Sep 2017 Capt Thomas Skowronski – 28 Aug 2017 Lt Col James Bartel – 1 Jun 2017 Maj Timothy Markham – 1 Nov 2016 Lt Col James Lalumendre – 28 Feb 1999

Promotion – Capt Turek

The Shorty Powers Composite Squadron is please to announce the promotion of 2nd Lt Martin Turek to the rank of Captain effective 29 Sep 2017. The promotion is a professional appointment as Capt Turek is a fully certified professional educator and serves as assistant Aerospace Education Officer. Congratulations Capt Turek.


Last night, 4 Oct 2017 at about 8:45pm local I received a heads up “soft alert” of a possible REDCAP mission over the O’Hare area, an ELT going off. I posted a notice on both the Senior GroupMe list and the Cadet GroupMe list. Within 2 minutes we had a UDF team ready. Within about 15 minutes we had an aircrew ready. Within about 15 more minutes, Group 2 had readied 2 more Ground/UDF teams that were ready to roll. First I wish to thank Capt Steve Rodgers, Maj Gerry Baumgartner, 2nd Lt Emmit Hoosman and 1st Lt Chuck Newel for…


It is time once again to be thinking about CyberPatriot. From the website: WHAT IS CYBERPATRIOT? ​​​​CyberPatriot the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association (AFA) to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future. ​The three CyberPatriot Programs are:   THE NATIONAL YOUTH CYBER DEFENSE COMPETITION​ At the center of CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The competition puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds…

Promotion – 2d Lt Turek

I am proud to announce that SM Martin Turek has been promoted to the rank of 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt Turek has been very active in our Cadet program since he joined on 13 Dec 2016. SM Turek has done an excellent job in supporting the cadet program since joining.  He has taught some of the Curry classes; he presented several sessions of the cadet Wingman training and has recently presented several ES classes as well as encouraged the cadets to become more involved in emergency services On 22 Jun 2017 the promotion review board recommended his promotion to 2nd Lt….

Promotion – 1st Lt Schofield

I am proud to announce that 2d Lt Shaun Schofield has been promoted to the rank of 1st Lt. 1st Lt Shaun Schofield has been very active in our Cadet program and on 25 Apr 2017 he completed his Technician rating in Cadet Programs and on 6 Jun 2017 the promotion review board recommended his promotion to 1st Lt. Squadron Commander Maj Curt Kmiecek approved and his promotion was completed. Congratulations to 1st Lt Shaun Schofield for the outstanding support he has shown to our cadet program and his dedication to Civil Air Patrol. A formal promotion for 1st Lt Shaun…

CAP Email Addresses Email addresses for ILWG CAP Members IL WG provides free email addresses for Wing members. This is for official use only and should be considered a privilege. Any abuse of this privilege will be reported to your commander. This is a self service, automated process. Please visit to register for an email address. Once signed in, use the Home menu and select the Request An Email Address option. A word of note, the above mentioned URL is run on a private network with a self assigned security certificate. The server is checked regularly for problems but many work networks do not allow connections to systems with…


As some of you know, AFRCC activated CAP last night to look for a PLB or Personal Locator Beacon. There were 4 members of Shorty Powers who were able to respond almost immediately. C/2d Lt Matt Schofield, C/2d Lt Sara Schofield, 2d Lt Charley Macdonald, and myself (Maj Danley). The PLB was tentatively located in Shorewood IL, home to the Schofield family. Lt Macdonald and myself met the Schofields at their home and we began our search. The first GPS location provided to us had no joy on the signal. Enroute to the second GPS location, Cadets Schofields were monitoring…

Wreaths Across America

On Saturday 17 December 2016, members of the Shorty Powers Composite Squadron participated in the Wreaths Across America event at Abraham Lincoln Cemetery in Joliet IL.

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